When Hannah Burgé played me the rough mixes of Green River Sessions, it was clear that I was witnessing compositional genius. When Hannah played me the final mixes before the album was mastered, I couldn’t help but grin from ear to ear. This album is a small victory for all of us who choose to listen critically to the art of song and musicianship. I love this record! I predict Hannah will rise up to become a star.

~ João Carvalho, João Carvalho Mastering


Green River Sessions has a freshness to it that I liked right from the first time I heard it. Hannah wrote some real nice tunes and ensembled a terrific band to execute them. The CD sounds great on JAZZFM91

~ Brad Barker, Jazz FM 91.1


One has only to listen to “I’m In,” a composition by Ms. Burgé, to really appreciate the seemingly effortless control of breath and lyrical line, float the text of tenderness and tranquility. It is here as well as elsewhere (in Nica’s Dream, for instance) Ms. Burgé provides a judiciously proportioned rendition, supportive and sensitive to the story-line of the song. There is also a sense that the singer inhabits the dramaturgy of the music as if it were created just for her voice and its vocalastics.

~ Raul da Gama, Latin Jazz Network


Genre classification simply will not pigeonhole the remarkable Canadian vocalist Hannah Burgé, as clearly demonstrated in her extraordinary debut album Green River Sessions on Music Village Records.

With a full-bodied and warm voice, Hannah’s sinuous lyricism coils around the melodies and chord structures, her alluring phrasing and sumptuous musicality painting intriguing pictures and offering fascinating tales. The delightful Green River Sessions contains just the first of many to come.

~ Marty Khan, Outward Visions


With such an auspicious debut, we’re hoping Hannah Burgé will not wait long for her follow-up record.

~ Andrew Timar, WholeNote Magazine


..A charming mix of contemporary jazz and world music styles, sung and played in superb fashion.

~ Kerry Doole, New Canadian